What we do

Spanning the entire construction process, our highly specialised building advice and reporting covers all aspects of the property industry.

Construction Advisory

From defective building practices to insurable events, Modos Chartered Building Professionals™ focus on identifying the root cause of the problem rather than getting caught up in the symptoms. This allows for highly detailed and constructive advice for both property owners and insurers.

Our team provides project management solutions and expertise to both insurance and non-insurance markets. Construction of remedial work can be highly complex. It requires a high level of technical expertise to make informed decisions and to effectively loop feedback to customers. Modos has identified that a gap exists in the construction industry of providing specialised advisory services for complex matters.

Project management services include:


  • Coordination and make-safe activities
  • Mitigation strategies
  • Building approval (scope of works, specification, drawings)
  • Tender preparation & appraisal
  • Project scheduling & monitoring
  • Project evaluation

Modos understands that, in the construction industry, disputes may arise between different stakeholders. Our building professionals have proven experience in producing impartial reports to law firms that are in accordance with requirements for tribunals and courts throughout Australia. Our experienced professionals provide succinct, evidence-based reporting, responding ethically and with transparency to ensure that the brief is met.

In additional to legal proceedings, Modos has been a trusted advisor where insight is needed to identify building and construction concerns for dispute resolution. We work with both the insurance and non-insurance sectors to this effect.

In the event of any kind of failure, Modos conducts building inspections of commercial and industrial buildings to determine the extent and cause of the damage. We then prepare comprehensive reports which identify compliance with legislated codes and standards or a lack thereof.

From an insurance standpoint, it is important to be able to separate whether any damage related to an event resulted from existing maintenance or defective installations. It’s also vital to be able to identify whether the problem was caused by product failure or workmanship.

In non-insurance environments, causation reports present the facts and outline the reasons damage and failures of structures or elements within a building occurred.

In the field of rectification or reinstatement of buildings, a scope of works acts as a measured record of all elements of the construction process. Modos are highly experienced in the development of this important document. Used in conjunction with drawings, specifications and specialist consultant advice, our scope of works is an accurate and reliable document that ensures transparency and consistent tendering while minimising budget creep by providing effective cost control. We separate building damage into defective and maintenance related elements allowing for the most informed decision making.

Modos‘ capabilities include conducting independent and impartial audits of buildings and structures to determine their compliance with codes and standards. Audit reports detail an evaluation of materials and workmanship against contracted works of building repairs. These extensive reports capture data using the latest 3D technology and assess against legislative requirements using a pragmatic approach. Audit reports are an important instrument for determining information in dispute resolution.

Modos uses the latest 3D digital capturing technology to provide fast and accurate digital replicas instantly on-site. These 3D models can be used to determine the extent of damage, any existing defects and, most importantly, accurate measurements off-site. This 3D digital model can be viewed virtually and produces high quality renderings and floor plans. These are an excellent tool for dilapidation reports, catastrophic events, and pre- and post-construction comparisons.

Cost Advisory

Independent construction cost advice for projects from inception through to completion. Using industry qualified quantity surveyors and cost controllers, Modos offers an array of cost advisory services including cost planning and management throughout construction as well as post-expenditure audits.

In the event of a loss, costs need to be comprehensively substantiated for insurance purposes. Doing so enables all stakeholders to ensure accurate reserves or budgets are in place to keep interruptions to a minimum and costs under control. By receiving an accurate comparison of tenders/quotes against cost guides and markets trends, customers can be reassured that they are getting value for money.

Reinstatement cost assessment advice also includes the following considerations:


  • Demolition and removal of debris (ROD)
  • Detailed cost estimates
  • Professional fees
  • Design and contingencies
  • Indemnity value
  • Reserving establishment

For complex insurance matters, private reinstatement works or new construction, cost planning services include:


  • Detailed budgeting
  • Cashflow projections
  • Cost centre analysis
  • Value engineering
  • Return on investment (ROI)

The Modos team prepare comprehensive tender analysis reports which compare tenders/quotations against contract documents such as the scope of works, specifications and plan drawings. The thorough examination of any methodology and the documentation provided ensures a clear and consistent platform for selection and recommendation.

Modos provides a detailed value at risk (VAR) report. It estimates the total value of a property and any external assets which allow stakeholders with interests in the property to determine the validity of the sum insured. This is essential when determining the application of any underinsurance clause within a commercial insurance policy.

Engineering Advisory

Exceptional services across a range of commercial and industrial buildings and structures. The Modos team of experienced and accredited forensic engineers conduct professional, timely and independent investigations. From this, they compile comprehensive reports and make-safe advice for buildings and structures.

Qualified structural engineers carry out forensic site inspections to determine whether the cause of damage to buildings may be resulting from foundational movement, the influence of surrounding trees, ineffectual soil compaction, leaking pipes or inadequate footing design. It is critical to determine whether any building movement is subsidence or whether other factors may be at play before deciding on a course of action. Structural failures can be determined by analysing design computations against construction installation.

Services offered by Modos include:


  • Building movement
  • Structural failures
  • Assessment of damage resulting from structural failure, fires and natural disasters

Modos engineering can provide make safe assessment, specification and reporting for buildings and structures that have suffered a catastrophic failure by design or by impact. This involves a careful assessment of the integrity of the structural and any requirements to stabilise the building to prevent further loss to property and public safety.

Following a disaster or loss, our engineering advisors are qualified to design structural members that meet relevant codes and standards for the design life and intent of structures. This may involve any combination of steel, concrete and timber.

With outstanding personnel and a diverse expertise, we provide innovative and effective solutions across the construction industry.